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An Old House Covered with Vines

Make this craft after reading Madeline, by Ludwig Bemelmans. To see all of our Madeline activities, click here

Using a box of any shape or size, perhaps a box from cereal or crackers or your latest home delivery, encourage your child create Madeline’s house or any other house that inspires their imaginations. If the box is printed, help to cover it with paper or paint. Any variety of paper will work such as brown craft paper or a brown paper bag, construction paper, wrapping paper; whatever you have on hand. If painting, be sure to protect your work surface with newspaper.


  1. Help your child to create a roof by taping up the flaps of the roof to form a roof. If choosing a flat roof simply glue or tape the flaps down flat.
  2. If the box is covered with print it can be covered with brown craft paper, construction paper, wrapping paper or whatever you have on hand. The box could also be painted. Lots of fun! Watercolors would be too thin so be sure to give your child washable tempera paint. A day or so can be expected for drying due to the thickness of the paint
  3. Time for details! Encourage your child’s imagination to go wild with doors, windows, flower boxes, vines or any other details. These can be made from paper, yarn, ribbon, craft sticks, etc. and glued on.
  4. Ask your reader to tell you all about the house he or she created.


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