It Looks Like...?
St. Patrick's Day in the Morning

It Looked Like Spilt Milk Book Play

These activities were inspired by It Looked Like Spilt Milk. To learn more about the book and see all our Spilt Milk activities, click here

Head Outside...

Spring is the perfect time for cloud gazing. Take a blanket outside, lay on your back and see what shapes the clouds are making today!

Just like with the It Looked Like...? Activity, you could take a picture of each cloud and make a book by gluing each photo to a page and copying the text from the book, substituting what the cloud looked like

Sometimes it looked
like a house.
But it wasn’t a house. 

...Or Stay In

Too cloudy outside? Stay in and try this: Give your readers a sheet of white paper and ask them to tear a shape. Lay the shapes on a counter or table and view them from different angles. What do each of you see?


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