Carrot Rabbit Stamps
Easter Eggshell Mosaic

The Easter Egg

by Jan Brett


The Easter Egg is everything you could want from an Easter book. The story itself is engaging, heartwarming, and subtly teaches lessons about doing your best and not getting discouraged when faced with a challenge. Young readers are sure to identify with Hoppi’s desire to create a winning egg and his feelings of intimidation of the other rabbits and their experience with the contest.

Jan Brett never talks down to young readers and fills the story with wonderful words like dazzling, amazing and magnificent. Hearing words that draw such vivid images throughout the text expands young vocabularies and sets the stage for descriptive writing skills.

In addition to the story, readers will be entranced by the intricately drawn illustrations that draw you further into the story through exquisite details and offer added insight into the activities of life in the forest.  Each page is so full of lush detailed drawings that you will want open it again and again to discover a new surprise you had missed on all of your other previous readings. Be sure to notice what happens to the pussy willow blooms at the end of the book!


This week's The Easter Egg activities:



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