Blueberry Yogurt Pops
Homemade Butter

The Giant Jam Sandwich

by John Vernon Lord and Janet Burroway
Illustrated by John Vernon Lord

The citizens of Itching Down have a wasp problem, 4 million wasps to be exact, and get quite creative in solving the invasion of their town. Teamwork and a wonderful sense of community spirit are subtle themes of this story but most of all it is just plain fun.

The rhyming text and colorful, detailed illustrations will bring young readers back time and time again.

Activities coming up this week:

  • Prepare your own easy refrigerator Strawberry Jam for Giant Jam Sandwiches!
  • With a screw-top jar and some cream, make Homemade Butter for your sandwiches.
  • Make your own swarm of (rather adorable) wasps made from painted paper tubes. 

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