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Moonlight the Black Cat Pipe Cleaner Art

This recipe was inspired by Moonlight: The Halloween Cat. To learn more about the book and see all our Moonlight activities, click here.


Oh the possibilities of fuzzy black pipe cleaners! We chose to use some of ours to create our own version of Moonlight out on a Halloween stroll. We included the process we used along with photos of each step. Your young reader may have another inspiration of how to create Moonlight or even another project for using the black pipe cleaners.

Whatever the outcome, spending time creating with these most basic of art supplies helps build fine motor skills, encourages decision making skills, and builds self-confidence as the child manipulates basic material into a magnificent, imaginative creation.


This is one of those activities that, when the directions are all written out, sounds a lot more complicated than it really is. Just follow the pictures, and use the directions as more of a guide!



  1. Shape one black pipe cleaner into a circle and twist ends to secure. This will be the body. 
  2. Insert one end of a second pipe cleaner through the circle and form a second circle.  This second circle will be the head. 
  3. Cut a third pipe cleaner in half. Using one half, fold it over the bottom of the body circle and twist to secure. This will make the front legs. Repeat with the second half to form the back legs. 
  4. Stick a fourth pipe cleaner through the body circle and fold in half. Twist all the way down to make a thick, fluffy tail. 
  5. Cut a fifth pipe cleaner in half, then in half again. Using 1/4 of the pipe cleaner, make an ear and twist to secure. Repeat with another 1/4 of the original pipe cleaner. 
  6. Liberally apply glue along each section of the cat. 
  7. Lay a piece of construction paper on top. Place a heavy book on top of the construction paper to weigh it down. Allow to dry overnight. 
  8. The next day, remove book and carefully peel away waxed paper. Using a crayon, add a face and any additional details, such as a moon. 


Moonlight the Black Cat


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Jenni (Museum Diary)

Oh my, I love the idea for your blog! I have a two year old son who is just getting interested in books, and I look forward to browsing your site for ideas. So glad I found you through our BYW homework task! Enjoy the last week of the course. Best wishes, Jenni

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