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Raining Hearts Valentine Action Painting

The Day It Rained Hearts

by Felicia Bond

On The Day It Rained Hearts, Cornelia Augusta gets caught in the most unusual downpour and is thrilled with the situation. She collects as many hearts as she can hold in her hands and in the pockets of her slicker and then takes her hearts home to put them to good use.

After taking some time to study the hearts from all angles, her creativity comes out and she makes very special valentines for her four friends (not unlike Mrs. Bear in The Valentine Bears). Readers will have great fun getting clues from the text and the expressive illustrations then guessing as to who will be receiving each valentine.

The Day It Rained Hearts delivers a wonderful message about creativity, kindness, and the joy of giving in a charming manner that inspires readers to brighten the day special friends in their lives.

You probably know Felicia Bond as the illustrator of Big Red Barn and the ever-popular If You Give A Mouse a Cookie and the following series of books. She is one of my favorite illustrators for the sweet simplicity and charming details featured in all her books.

Special Valentine activities coming up this week, inspired by The Day it Rained Hearts: 



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