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Anatole's Cheese Tasting Party

This recipe was inspired by Anatole. To learn more about the book and to see all of our Anatole activities, click here

Broaden your young reader's culinary horizons! Most kids are used to the ubiquitous American cheese, mozzarella cheese sticks, and cheddar mac and cheese. However, a quick trip to a gourmet cheese shop or even the dairy section of your grocery story will show the vast number of cheese varieties that are available.  

As an expert cheese taster, Anatole is able to detect nuances in the flavor of the cheeses at Duval's Cheese Factory. While this activity certainly doesn't require such such cheese-tasting authority, it provides a good opportunity to not only introduce new varieties but also to compare and contrast those that you select. Which ones are hard and sliced? Which are soft and spreadable? You can even compare the colors or smells. 

If you would like to keep with the French setting of the book, here is a great guide to French cheeses

Anatole's Cheese Tasting

Anatole's Cheese Tasting Party


  1. Set out crackers and place one type of cheese on each. Taste and discuss! A fine vintage of grape juice optional. 


Anatole's Cheese Tasting


Anatole's Cheese Tasting


Anatole's Cheese Tasting
Sharp Cheddar


Anatole's Cheese Tasting


Anatole's Cheese Tasting


Anatole's Cheese Tasting


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You're right! My kids like their mozzarella, but I like Swiss, Gouda, German, French, Feta and all kinds of cheese. This is a fun idea and I can hear all the comments from my kids. I love that you found a book to go with it.

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