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My Garden Mural

My Garden

by Kevin Henkes

A garden that doesn’t grow weeds but instead has jelly bean bushes, chocolate rabbits, tomatoes as big as beach balls, and never-ending flowers are just a few of the wonders of our little gardener in Kevin Henkes beautiful, imaginative My Garden. Illustrated with ink and watercolor illustrations in a sunny, pastel palette, this is a book that naturally inspires imaginations to meander beyond the restraints of our everyday world and envision a garden bursting with enviable wonders.

My Garden by Kevin Henkes

Each page invites readers in to see the unique details of the little girl’s garden but also manages to simultaneously inspire readers to imagine their own unique garden and the special things they would grow. A true Kevin Henkes classic that will hold a special spot on (and off!) the bookshelf for years to come.


My Garden activities coming up this week:

  • Young readers can imagine what they would grow in Their Garden with the My Garden Mural.
  • One "crop" featured in the book is seashells. Harvest your own shells to make Garden Shell Pasta Bake.

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Does your young reader have a favorite book about gardening?


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