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A Recipe for Fun: Color Mixing at the Sink

Sky Color

by Peter H. Reynolds

What is a young artist to do when your job is to paint the sky in the class mural and there is no blue paint? Marisol is an artist through and through who has her own gallery (on the fridge) and loves to share her work with others. She is thrilled to have the special privilege of painting the sky, but her excitement turns to disappointment when she must rethink how to complete the mural.

Brilliant oranges, yellows, and pinks swirl through the sunset sky as Marisol contemplates her dilemma, even her dreams that night are filled with swirling, mixing colors. The next morning it was raining. The sky wasn’t blue. And Marisol smiled.

Read Sky Color with your young reader and enjoy following Marisol on her creative journey and seeing that quite often the most beautiful things happen when thinking happens outside the box.


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