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Unusually Large Paper Bag Radish

This art activity was inspired by The Further Tale of Peter Rabbit. To learn more about the book and to see all our Peter Rabbit activities, click here

While the radish in Peter’s story almost gets him into a bit of mischief, this crumpling, stuffing, and painting activity will result in nothing more than fun and giggles. After all, what could be more fun than giant food?

Unusually Large Paper Bag Radish
Unusually Large Paper Bag Radish

Unusually Large Paper Bag Radish


  • Brown paper grocery bag
  • Newspaper
  • String or yarn
  • Paint – red, white, green
  • Paintbrush

How to Do It

  1. Give those little hands a work out and crumple newspaper into balls and stuff inside the paper bag until it is approximately half full.
  2. Plump out the bottom corners of the bag then tie it closed with the string.
  3. Experiment with color mixing by mixing red and white paint until your young reader has found the perfect radish red then paint the bottom half of the bag with it.
  4. Clip a clothespin to the top and hang with string so the paint can dry completely.
  5. Paint the top part of the bag green to achieve a nice leafy top to the radish.

Why We Like It

Working on a large scale anything is fun. It inspires imagination and creativity and this activity give fine motor skills a lot to do.

What To Do With an Unusually Large Paper Bag Radish

Take inspiration from Peter and have fun outside tossing the radish. Take turns seeing who can throw it the farthest, play catch with it, or try throwing it to a target. Will there be a Cup for the winner?

Unusually Large Paper Bag Radish


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